Orchestra Weddings | Gay wedding decoration? The wedding planner helps you!
Haven't you decided on gay wedding decorations, flowers, location yet? No problem, ask a wedding planner!
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Wedding planner: less stress and more fun for the stars of the party!

You probably happened to attend a wedding party and see the overwhelmed bride or groom desperately waiting for the party to start to grab his/her first drink and forget all sorrows! If we’re talking about a destination wedding, the stress level increases exponentially because the couple has to face every aspect of the planning process from far away, often trying to solve problems in a language they do not know, within an unknown legal framework.

That’s the role of an Italian destination wedding planner: to manage all paperwork, to organize every detail not only of the creative process but also all those less appealing aspects, often from a far timezone, giving the grooms/brides the chance to think only to pleasant things while he/she solves out most of the problems.

The destination wedding planner is a professional that knows in depth Italy and can help you to find the region that most suits your needs. He/she is ready to support, suggest and help you to keep calm while waiting the big date. So that you can have fun searching wedding attire or decoration  ideas on Pinterest.

But the most important goal of the wedding planner is to help you to stay on budget. Once you have defined a budget, he/she can help you to obtain the maximum from it optimizing every cost item.

The wedding planner experience also prevents you from unpleasant surprises because he/she already knows most of suppliers. If you chose a real professional you can fully enjoy both the organizational period and, above all, the party day.

But how much does a wedding planner cost?

It depends from the services you need, it can be only a consultancy service or the full wedding planning service.  Many wedding planners charge a fixed fee based on the kind of wedding you want, other professionals charge by a percentage of the budget. In both cases, you won’t have to renounce to the services of a wedding planner. If you choose the right one he will be able to pay back his fee by making you spare a good amount of money.

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