Orchestra Weddings | Styling
Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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The event styling process starts submitting the couple an inspiration board that includes all the features of the future workflow, from suits to flowers and furniture. This will help us find a theme that will run harmoniously through all aspects of the ceremony.

The choice of outfits, is one of the most important part of this creative process. But how to choose the right gay wedding suits? This can sometimes be really challenging if the couple doesn’t want to shop together and want to maintain the tradition of keeping the secret about the outfits. In this case we help the couple to coordinate. Generally the grooms and brides choose an attire that can fully express their personality but this has to be in harmony with the style chosen for the event.

preparation groom and groom

Lesbian wedding outfits

The choice between dresses or suits for lesbian couples may be sometimes complicated, but whatever the brides will decide will be the right decision.  And if the decision becomes stressing you don’t have to worry, we can help you find the outfit that best suits your body shape and height.