Orchestra Weddings | Photography and video for a gay wedding
Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO – same-sex wedding


Every wedding is different, because every couple is different, and a good photographer knows it. But what’s the difference in shooting a same sex wedding? Wedding tradition is changing (or a new one is growing) and photography education has to change consequently.

There are new rules in composition, for example. Straight wedding photography was based on traditional poses that not always work with a same sex couple. It comes to the professional to re-interpret his or her work with new solutions to go beyond the classic schemes and consider new factors such as physicality, relationship dynamics and composition.

gay wedding photography

In gay wedding photography’s relationship dynamics can change; it’s not assumed that who’s wearing pants is necessarily the stronger personality. Couples feel like they are creating their own traditions and show what they are, rather than what they are expected to be.

Orchestra has selected a list of professionals whose work has an intimate and very personal touch we love. But if you would like to work with someone that you already know we will be happy to get to know his or her work and build with him or her your wedding timeline.