Orchestra Weddings | Gay wedding registry
Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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What about a same sex wedding registry?

Does it make sense to talk about a gay wedding registry? Not only It’s not assumed that all gay and lesbian couples want a registry for their wedding, but in most cases they already have lived together for a quite long time, that’s why they feel they don’t need nothing in particular. Sometimes couples prefer to donate to some charity, in most cases LGBT rights organizations.
But if the couple chooses for a wedding registry, non traditional ways to put on a gay wedding list, if you don’t feel comfortable with the dishes and household items are now widely accepted, so you can feel free to follow your inclinations, and, if you love, lets say, climbing, you can put on the wedding list the equipment you are dreaming of. 

gay wedding registry

Now there are a lot of platforms offering this kind of less traditional service, Amazon for example, so LGBT couples don’t have to limit themselves to buy home products.
If you opted for a wedding registry, we can assist couples in fulfilling this anything but an easy task (this due to the fact that the classic view of the traditional wedding, for what concerns a wedding registry, still prevails).