Orchestra Weddings | The perfect decoration for your gay wedding in Italy
We think that gay wedding decorations have to talk of the couple but also of the territory in which is created, and Italy has an extremely heterogenic offer
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The perfect decorations for your wedding

Wedding décor is the crucial point through which to tell the couple, it is built around them and has to represent their universe. This work cannot be done, of course, without taking in consideration the location. Both decoration and location have to strongly interact to give an effective result.
Decoration is fundamental to make the space functional, and not secondarily, it helps to understand the location itself.
Useless to say that much depends from the budget, but generally we prefer seasonal and local décor. It is basically a matter of good sense rather that a stylistic choice.
That being said, our job is to match all this with the personal taste of our clients, with the aim to make everything impressive yet harmonious and fully representative of the inner essence of the couple.

Working on a gay wedding decoration implies all this, with the difference that there is a little more opportunity to leave behind the strict rules of the traditional wedding and to experiment while meeting the couple’s need. As for other aspects of the gay wedding creative process, also for the decoration there is the possibility to “re-invent the tradition”.

The traditional Italian wedding aesthetics inspires us of course, we think that the decoration has to talk of the couple but also of the territory in which is created. And Italy has an extremely heterogenic offer.  Also the highest quality of the local handicraft often helps us.
What we would like to express with our work is what same sex couples look for when deciding to get married in Italy, a specific idea of aesthetics, with an eye on Italian wedding tradition of course, but the other on the future.