Orchestra Weddings | How a wedding is organized: timing and priorities
What are the steps to follow to organize your wedding? Gay wedding invitations, location, date, and then? Find out more!
Gay wedding invitations
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How a wedding is organized: timing and priorities

When organizing a destination wedding there are priorities that you have to take in account in order not to risk thinking to flower arrangement or to invitations while missing fundamental factors that may affect the success of the event.

What are the things to do first?

Pick a date

The venue you chose determines in most cases the exact date, especially if it’s in hight demand, many venue are booked  months in advance, even years if it’s a very popular one, so in many cases the availability is not guaranteed. So you’d better start the search with a precise date in mind, it will simplify all work.

Paperwork first

Same-sex wedding is now recognized in many countries, but it’s important to have a clear idea of the Italian legal framework. If you decide to celebrate a legal marriage and not only a symbolic one, you must get properly informed in good time about the documents to produce. Also consider possible delays in receiving answers or documents.

Fix a budget

It’s important to have a clear idea of the total expense to understand the margin you can have and to measure all choices in function of the budget.

Find a location

The starting point is to find the right location, first of all to ensure the availability on the date, and also because it is a significant cost in the budget and once booked you can start thinking to all smaller cost items. Moreover, the venue is the choice which other stylistic choice will be all about.

What is a reasonable time to start planning a wedding?

Much depends from one’s character, but generally 18 months is a reasonable time. Considering that not only there is a wedding to plan, but you have also to arrange every aspect concerning guests, from information on accommodation and transports, and that every negotiation has to be done with a foreign vendor, it’s better to start well in advance.


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