Orchestra Weddings | Getting married in Italy, tisp for guests accomodation
Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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Getting married in Italy, tisp for guests accomodation


Now that same-sex weddings are recognised in Italy too, the number of gay couples choosing to get married in Italy is growing constantly.  Mostly because they wants to get married in the land of their origins, but also because Italy still remains, in the one of the most romantic countries in the world. 

Organizing a wedding abroad often means spending a lot of time and money and, of course, energy. Add to that you have to manage guests’ accommodation and transportation.

Even though weddings abroad usually involves fewer guests, organizing their accommodation it’s not a simple job, and our advice is to rely on a wedding planner that knows the place well. But if you choose the do-it-yourself option, here’s some tips to deal with your relative’s accommodation:


Italy is the country of love but also the country of unforeseen events. The advice seems obvious , but it’s never too soon to start.


It’s not generally expected that you afford the costs of accommodation, but if you’ve decided to include your guests’ costs into your budget, take advantage of the special offers that tour operators and hotels do for groups. 


Inform your guests in time so that they can organize. Do not forget to give them additional  information such as weather tips or  Information about the area they are going to visit. 


Plan some trip for your guests that will allow them to appreciate the area in which you decided to get married . Not only cultural tours but also eno-gastronomic tours towards rhe discovery of the local culture. This will make their journey more pleasant but will also offer the bride and groom some relaxing moment after the ceremony.  


Unfortunately in Italy bureaucracy can be exhausting so to represent a further source of stress. If you decided not to rely on a professional, the advice is, once again, to start in advance. Moreover being sex marriages a “relatively new thing” in Italy, get informed on the documents you will need to avoid last-minute surprises.


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