Orchestra Weddings | Gay wedding photographer: 6 tips
How to chose the right gay wedding photographer? Here we are with six tips to help you in choosing a professional one.
gay wedding photographer
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Gay wedding photographer: six tips to chose the right one

To chose the right gay wedding photographer could seem a obvious and simple task but, as for the choice of all other suppliers, it’s necessary to pay more attention for what still represents, for the majority, an event outside of conventional canons.

Here six tips to help you in choosing a professional gay wedding photographer for the ceremony.

1. You have to appreciate the work of a gay wedding photographer

This can seem an obvious observation, but it is fundamental. Out there there is an impressive number of photographers, but you have the task to find out the one able to represent your wedding exactly the way you see it. Have a look to his/her previous works, be tireless in this and at the end, do a stringent sorting, so to have a final and very restrict selection of “candidates”.

2. Try to understand how many gay weddings he has in his portfolio

Try to understand how many gay weddings he has in his portfolio, and if among these, there are a few same-sex, if you don’t want that you wedding will be use as a testing ground. If there are no gay wedding try but you undoubtedly love his/her work, try to understand if he feels comfortable with it

3. Do not save money on the wedding photographer

Among the different budget lines that you can review to arrow the budget, do not put the photographer. A small discount can be ok but pay attention to those photographer offering their services too a low price. After all when all guests will be back home, all that will remain will be the result of his job.

4. He/she has to feel comfortable in working with a same sex couple

Even if it’s his/her first time, be sure he’s casual to your union, beyond his/her technical abilities. If he/she feels uncomfortable in front of a gay kiss or and embrace, he/she is simply not suitable for the job,

5. The photographer has to be able to represent creatively your couple dynamics

Gender roles changes in same sex weddings and, consequently, change the way the are represented. A good gay wedding photographer has to demonstrate, more than in a straight wedding, a great sensibility to family dynamics, that have to be handled with care and empathy.

6. There has to be empathy at a personal level

This is the fundamental point, and every good photographer can’t but agree with it. You can love his work but if there’s not empathy between you and him/her, it’s not assumed that from his work you will obtain the best.

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