Orchestra Weddings | Gay destination weddings: the coolest locations
From Tuscany to Sicily, we would like to suggest you the coolest locations for your perfect gay destination weddings and honeymoons in Italy.
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The coolest locations for gay destination weddings in Italy


Italy is one of the most favorite places in the world for destination weddings. While a recent survey stated that the number of Italian couples that decide to get marries have been decreasing during the last years, foreigner choosing Italy as wedding destination are increasing. Wedding tourism in our country is worth 385 million euro (2017) and professionals working in this trade are 1500. A relevant part of this trade is gay destination weddings, an increasing segment that grew in 2017 by 64% and representing the 12% of the trade. LGBTQ couples’ budget is generally 20% more compared to that of straight couples.

But which are the most popular locations for gay destination weddings in Italy?

Here are the most trendy Italian destinations chose by Orchestra Weddings for same sex couples.

The most popular Italian locations for gay destination weddings


tuscany gay wedding table

Tuscany is maybe the most popular region of Italy. The most seen stereotype of Italian landscape is probably a street of Florence or a glimpse of the colorful hills of the vineyard near Siena. Tuscany wine and food are a globally recognized must of the Italian experience. Florence is one of the most rich cities from an artistic and historical point of view, with its museums and architectural elements, its squares, it represents a monument itself. The surroundings are dotted with amazing ancient villages.


sicilian wedding same sex

An authentic pearl in the south of Italy, Sicily lays in the middle of Mediterranean sea. Thanks to its privileged position, this land has been crossed and influenced through centuries by different cultures and for this Sicily is today a living cultural laboratory, certainly one of the richest regions from a cultural and historical point of view.

The perfect destination for a country-style wedding or a Mediterranean-style beach wedding. Food and wines are among the most appreciated of the country.




castelli romani, a good destination for a gay wedding
Seventeen districts from Albano Laziale to Velletri near Rome plenty of ancient beauty and country tradition. The area of the castles lays on a fertile volcanic area which has allowed since ancient times a flourishing agriculture.

Since 1996, the Roman Castles area has been home to a large variety of wines.
Weather of Castelli Romani differs from place to place depending from the geographical position
and altitude and the distance of the sea but it is generally warmer than in North Italy.

NORTH LAKES / COMO LAKE, GARDA AND MAGGIORE LAKESgarda lake, a perfect location for a lgbt wedding

North Lakes (Lago di Garda, Lago di Como e Lago Maggiore) are one of the most popular locations for weddings. Natural landscape is flourishing and the area offers a variety of villas and castles perfect for a luxury wedding. The rustic atmosphere is more difficult to find here, certainly not impossible. Como Lake offers a wider variety of venues than Lake Garda, mostly very refined and elegant. Around the lakes, the countryside with its different landscape.

The nearest Airport for Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta is Milano (up to 1 hour).
For Lake Garda are Venice (2 hours) or Verona (up to 1 hour).

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