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Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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Wedding planner: less stress and more fun for the stars of the party!

You probably happened to attend a wedding party and see the overwhelmed bride or groom desperately waiting for the party to start to grab his/her first drink and forget all sorrows! If we’re talking about a destination wedding, the stress level increases exponentially because the couple has to face every aspect of the planning process from far away, often trying to solve problems in a language they do not know, within an unknown legal framework.

That’s the role of an Italian destination wedding planner: to manage all paperwork, to organize every detail not only of the creative process but also all those less appealing aspects, often from a far timezone, giving the grooms/brides the chance to think only to pleasant things while he/she solves out most of the problems.

The destination wedding planner is a professional that knows in depth Italy and can help you to find the region that most suits your needs. He/she is ready to support, suggest and help you to keep calm while waiting the big date. So that you can have fun searching wedding attire or decoration  ideas on Pinterest.

But the most important goal of the wedding planner is to help you to stay on budget. Once you have defined a budget, he/she can help you to obtain the maximum from it optimizing every cost item.

The wedding planner experience also prevents you from unpleasant surprises because he/she already knows most of suppliers. If you chose a real professional you can fully enjoy both the organizational period and, above all, the party day.

But how much does a wedding planner cost?

It depends from the services you need, it can be only a consultancy service or the full wedding planning service.  Many wedding planners charge a fixed fee based on the kind of wedding you want, other professionals charge by a percentage of the budget. In both cases, you won’t have to renounce to the services of a wedding planner. If you choose the right one he will be able to pay back his fee by making you spare a good amount of money.


How a wedding is organized: timing and priorities

When organizing a destination wedding there are priorities that you have to take in account in order not to risk thinking to flower arrangement or to invitations while missing fundamental factors that may affect the success of the event.

What are the things to do first?

Pick a date

The venue you chose determines in most cases the exact date, especially if it’s in hight demand, many venue are booked  months in advance, even years if it’s a very popular one, so in many cases the availability is not guaranteed. So you’d better start the search with a precise date in mind, it will simplify all work.

Paperwork first

Same-sex wedding is now recognized in many countries, but it’s important to have a clear idea of the Italian legal framework. If you decide to celebrate a legal marriage and not only a symbolic one, you must get properly informed in good time about the documents to produce. Also consider possible delays in receiving answers or documents.

Fix a budget

It’s important to have a clear idea of the total expense to understand the margin you can have and to measure all choices in function of the budget.

Find a location

The starting point is to find the right location, first of all to ensure the availability on the date, and also because it is a significant cost in the budget and once booked you can start thinking to all smaller cost items. Moreover, the venue is the choice which other stylistic choice will be all about.

What is a reasonable time to start planning a wedding?

Much depends from one’s character, but generally 18 months is a reasonable time. Considering that not only there is a wedding to plan, but you have also to arrange every aspect concerning guests, from information on accommodation and transports, and that every negotiation has to be done with a foreign vendor, it’s better to start well in advance.


Why a Gay wedding Agency

The ongoing struggle of the LGBT community for the recognition of equal rights should not – and in our opinion can not – be interpreted as the will of this community to identify themselves within the traditional institution of marriage as we know it today. Above all, we need  at this \”prehistoric\” stage of the gay marriage institution, to consolidate services and ceremonials elaborated on the specific needs of LGBT couples who do not want to simply borrow rules and canons from the traditional marriage, but need an attentive service to specific requirements. This is why we believe in the need to create a wedding agency specifically dedicated to the relationship with LGBT customers.


Your gay wedding in winter


Traditions are a very important part of the Italian culture, and the wedding ceremony is one of those events in which these tradition are still very much alive. Moreover all these traditions vary from region to region, and that’s what makes the famous “Italian wedding” so intrguing.
Now that Italian law recognises same-sex unions, LGBT couples can incorporate Italian Wedding tradition in their big day, and Orchestra can help them doing this.
Orchestra is the first Wedding Planner offering a LGBT wedding ceremony in an authentic Italian style.

Bomboniera, an Italian wedding tradition

bomboniera is what it’s usually called ‘party favor’; It’s a little sachet or box with confetti (sugar almondsin it that is given away at weddings or other parties. It very often comes with a more or less useful little object. It’s a tipical Italian tradition introduced at the end of XV century, from France. Its name comes from the use of aristocrats to bring with them little boxes with candies (bon bon in French) or other sweets in them.

In 1700, with the wedding of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and Elena of Montenegro the bomboniera becomes part of the Italian wedding tradition as a thanking gift offered to all guests. Traditionally was a precious little object made of silver, crystal or porcelain

These days a bomboniera can be any sort of object, according to the bride and groom’s taste. It can be a usefull, traditional, glamour, echologic, fair trade or designer fancy object. It has become a tradition also the bomboniera made with some typical food products or traditional handicrafts.

Getting married in Italy, tisp for guests accomodation


Now that same-sex weddings are recognised in Italy too, the number of gay couples choosing to get married in Italy is growing constantly.  Mostly because they wants to get married in the land of their origins, but also because Italy still remains, in the one of the most romantic countries in the world. 

Organizing a wedding abroad often means spending a lot of time and money and, of course, energy. Add to that you have to manage guests’ accommodation and transportation.

Even though weddings abroad usually involves fewer guests, organizing their accommodation it’s not a simple job, and our advice is to rely on a wedding planner that knows the place well. But if you choose the do-it-yourself option, here’s some tips to deal with your relative’s accommodation:


Italy is the country of love but also the country of unforeseen events. The advice seems obvious , but it’s never too soon to start.


It’s not generally expected that you afford the costs of accommodation, but if you’ve decided to include your guests’ costs into your budget, take advantage of the special offers that tour operators and hotels do for groups. 


Inform your guests in time so that they can organize. Do not forget to give them additional  information such as weather tips or  Information about the area they are going to visit. 


Plan some trip for your guests that will allow them to appreciate the area in which you decided to get married . Not only cultural tours but also eno-gastronomic tours towards rhe discovery of the local culture. This will make their journey more pleasant but will also offer the bride and groom some relaxing moment after the ceremony.  


Unfortunately in Italy bureaucracy can be exhausting so to represent a further source of stress. If you decided not to rely on a professional, the advice is, once again, to start in advance. Moreover being sex marriages a “relatively new thing” in Italy, get informed on the documents you will need to avoid last-minute surprises.


6 tips for choosing the right photographer for your LGBT wedding

gay_wedding_photographerChoosing the right photographer for a LGBT ceremony can be seen an easy thing but, as for the choice of other suppliers, a particular attention is needed for what still represents (at least in Italy) a nontraditional event. Here’s six tips to help you in choosing the right photographer for a same-sex ceremony:

    1. First of all, you must love his work. There’s plenty of wedding photographers out there but you must find out the right one. The one able to represent your wedding exactly as you see it. Go over their portfolios, be tireless, and in the end, select a few professionals, so that you have to choose between a few candidates.
    2. Try to understand how many weddings he has got to his name, and if he already worked for a same sex ceremony, if you don’t want he uses your wedding as a test.
    3. Do not try to save money on photography. A small discount can be an occasion but don’t let the price be your deciding factor. After all, when the show will be over, what will remain will be the photographer’s work.
    4. He must feel comfortable working with a same sex couple. Even if it’s his first time, be sure he’s confident about your union. Beyond technical skills, if he feels uncomfortable in front of a gay couple kissing, he simply isn’t suitable for the job.
    5. He must be good in reading and representing creatively your couple dynamics. Traditional gender roles change in same sex unions and consequently changes the way in which they must be represented. A good gay wedding photographer must have, even more than in a straight wedding, a great sensitiveness towards family dynamics that must be handled with extreme care and empathy.
    6. There must be empathy at a personal level. This is a fundamental point and every good wedding photographer cannot but not agree. You can love his work but if there’s no empathy between you, he’ll hardly make the most of his working experience.


Your gay wedding in the best Italian Style

Orchestra – Italian Weddings for Equal Love is an Italian gay wedding agency operating all over Italy, that offers its customers a complete service in the best Italian Style, from location management, to food experience and style and fashion services.
The agency founders have been working for years in the field of big events and can provide, through their network, the most professional services all over the country and abroad, to best satisfy all the needs and the requirements of gay couples in their dream to get married in our beautiful country.

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Gay Wedding Institute Certification

We attended the Gay Wedding Institute seminar to offer our customers a better service and to have a deeper understanding of their needs and of the answers they expect from us.