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Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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topper for a gay wedding cake

Gay wedding cake

The cutting of a gay wedding cake is one of the most important moments of the day because it symbolically closes the party. If you want to end with a bang Orchestra can help you choose among the best Italian pastry chefs.

As many other aspects in the creative process of a wedding, the choice of the cake has to reflect the spirit of the event. The cake is, of course, susceptible to fashion, so this year naked cake is still trendy but also ruffled cake is back in style from the 80s. You can choose a white-on-white cake or a buttercream or a metallic one. What matters is that it follows the mood (and the palette) of the day.

Not secondarily, it has to taste good. There are many cake designers able to create scenography cakes but not all of them taste great.

This said, has a gay wedding cake to be different to a traditional one? No, except that some cakes can be an explicit statement, if the couple chooses so. The choice of the cake toppers for example, beyond trends and traditions, is becoming an icon. That’s why it is still a controversial decision for many LGBT couples.