Orchestra Weddings | Bomboniera, an Italian wedding tradition
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Bomboniera, an Italian wedding tradition

bomboniera is what it’s usually called ‘party favor’; It’s a little sachet or box with confetti (sugar almondsin it that is given away at weddings or other parties. It very often comes with a more or less useful little object. It’s a tipical Italian tradition introduced at the end of XV century, from France. Its name comes from the use of aristocrats to bring with them little boxes with candies (bon bon in French) or other sweets in them.

In 1700, with the wedding of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and Elena of Montenegro the bomboniera becomes part of the Italian wedding tradition as a thanking gift offered to all guests. Traditionally was a precious little object made of silver, crystal or porcelain

These days a bomboniera can be any sort of object, according to the bride and groom’s taste. It can be a usefull, traditional, glamour, echologic, fair trade or designer fancy object. It has become a tradition also the bomboniera made with some typical food products or traditional handicrafts.

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