Orchestra Weddings | A&J - gay wedding in south Italy
A&J got married in july 2018. They choose Puglia as destinnation because J has Italian origins and they wanted to share the most important day of their lives with all their relatives and friends
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A and J

Bari, July 2018

A Love Story From Down Under

A&J are Australian and they live in Melbourne. J has Italian origins, his parents come from a small village in Puglia. A. has American origins and part of his family lives in the US. They found us in the internet during a vacation in Italy, one year before the wedding. Getting married in Italy was for J an indispensable choice, for A and his relatives was a logistically favourable solution.

We started working together soon after that trip to Italy, across extreme time zone differences (8 or 10 hours, depending on the time of the year). In December and January we met them for the first time in their house in Melbourne. Working closely for some days has allowed us to get to know each other and to best go inside the preparations of the ceremony. Meanwhile, in Italy, we visited locations, suppliers, photographers.

What was going to happen in the so long awaited day everyone knew by heart, what we didn’t even suspect was how emotional it would be for all of us. Thank you A&J


About people we met

we were really surprised by all the people we met on the way, from the facilities staff to the simple passers-by we met on the street (expecially during a romantic shooting trough the streets of Polignano). We realized again that there is a society, expecially here in Italy,  far better than those in charge to represent it.