Orchestra Weddings | Orchestraweddings: same-sex marriages in Italy
A team of wedding professionals for homosexual couples lovers of beauty and dolce vita. At your disposal to organize the most important event of your life.
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Italian wedding for equal love

ORCHESTRA was born from the idea of four Italian professionals that have been working for years in the field of events, communication, fashion and PR.
To put the best of the Italian wise art of reception and culture of beauty at a disposal of the most important day of two people’s life is our mission. Our country, our territory, our artistic heritage,

landscape and traditions have been always represented the journey into beauty par excellence in the global collective imagination. Italy, land of taste, of fashion, of design, has finally a wedding planning agency for gay couples lovers of beauty and dolce vita. We put our passion, our experience at your service for the “sartorial creation” of a unique day for your beloved, for your families…for you.

General Manager

Miriam Bertaina

Born in Turin, she is a professional in the field of events, counting among her main working experiences, sport, advertising and movie productions and events at an international level. As location manager, head of cast and producer, she manages and coordinates important cultural events with determination and resolution while never losing her femininity.

Financial Budgeting Manager

Fabio Umiltà

Traveller by vocation, Fabio is enthusiast of foreign cultures from which he constantly learn how to turn dynamism and thirst for knowledge into a conscious and creative approach to the world of work. He gained a long-standing experience in video production, photo report, event supervision and organization and support for advertising campaigns for brands such as Puma and Nike. Today he puts his love for far (not only physically) civilizations and all his technical knowledge to use for the Orchestra project, in which he totally believes.

Creative Director

Biagio Intorrella

Luca was born in Sicily and has been living in Milan for a long time. Here he works as a set designer. He studied at Politecnico and worked and lived in Barcelona, Melbourne and Dubai. Today he has his own studio “Fratelli&co” where he designs great events stages, exposition stands, art exhibits, tv scenographies and fashion shows. Since 2015 he works as a creative director for Orchestra project.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Communication Manager

Silvia Monteverdi

Silvia Monteverdi has successfully undertaken a career far from what she studied. She started from graphic design before discovering creative writing applied to social media marketing. The web is the dimension where she finds her most comfortable habitat and writing is one of her greater passions. For Orchestra she looks after the brand image online and tells, to whom doesn't know it yet, the passion that moves this beautiful project.