Orchestra Weddings | 6 tips for choosing the right photographer for your LGBT wedding
Orchestra weddings is an Italian wedding agency exclusively addressed to LGBT couples that choose Italy for their destination wedding
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6 tips for choosing the right photographer for your LGBT wedding

gay_wedding_photographerChoosing the right photographer for a LGBT ceremony can be seen an easy thing but, as for the choice of other suppliers, a particular attention is needed for what still represents (at least in Italy) a nontraditional event. Here’s six tips to help you in choosing the right photographer for a same-sex ceremony:

    1. First of all, you must love his work. There’s plenty of wedding photographers out there but you must find out the right one. The one able to represent your wedding exactly as you see it. Go over their portfolios, be tireless, and in the end, select a few professionals, so that you have to choose between a few candidates.
    2. Try to understand how many weddings he has got to his name, and if he already worked for a same sex ceremony, if you don’t want he uses your wedding as a test.
    3. Do not try to save money on photography. A small discount can be an occasion but don’t let the price be your deciding factor. After all, when the show will be over, what will remain will be the photographer’s work.
    4. He must feel comfortable working with a same sex couple. Even if it’s his first time, be sure he’s confident about your union. Beyond technical skills, if he feels uncomfortable in front of a gay couple kissing, he simply isn’t suitable for the job.
    5. He must be good in reading and representing creatively your couple dynamics. Traditional gender roles change in same sex unions and consequently changes the way in which they must be represented. A good gay wedding photographer must have, even more than in a straight wedding, a great sensitiveness towards family dynamics that must be handled with extreme care and empathy.
    6. There must be empathy at a personal level. This is a fundamental point and every good wedding photographer cannot but not agree. You can love his work but if there’s no empathy between you, he’ll hardly make the most of his working experience.


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